dead space,,dead space 3

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dead space,,dead space 3

Postby umbongo(uk) » Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:21 pm

dead space
does nothing new we hadnt seen in other titles yes even cuting enemies up to kill em .fear did it better nailing em to walls wont list games but theres a few in dismembering
all the scare,s are jump scare after the first 2 its just becomes twitch reaction like when some folk close their eyes hitting nails into wood.
ok after a play through not too shabby worth a punt if its going cheap and it has nice tone to it..just be ready to use same locations over n over

dead space 3
its so consolised and [f*cking] annoying .cant skip cut scenes enemies are of the blob variety ie 10 spawn u back in a corner and just press trigger ,storys so bad makes austrailian soaps seem shakesperian.lots of anoyances as everything is taken away from you not only that no info makes it hard to navigate [sh*t] after you completed the game ,co-op,how to play another game to get extras like re.. series just a fkcing cashcow mess realy.a definite wait till its "£2.00 in a sale game as it feel realy fcking dated to say its the last of the series(better would be re 4 even with its wonky control system)
i liked the music and sound effects they realy were nice
having to sit through cutscences again bored the fck outa me i knew for second playthrough ishoulda windowed it

i realy only fanced playing these games as i felt it might be like fighting the thing from the thing movie again (first game(thing) and look of enemies)to a degree it was but they never gave me the satifaction like max payne for instance or fear of dismembering or trying new nailed to office furniture deaths that i could take pleasure in as i wasnt forced into yet another crap encounter and hurried along to some boring cutscene

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