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company of heroes 2

Postby umbongo(uk) » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:17 pm

avoid it only if youve played the original wait till its £15/i was lucky i got it on gmg for just over £20smigdge.i was waiting for this and all i can say is turdgid
it like playing a cartooon gone are the normal speaking voices for overacting skreeming the graphic well what can i say its lost the great feel of the first game for some mah up between red alert (the original funky colour hue) and some banal fighting and arcade sounding weapons and effects gone is the great gameplay

but what the fck do you expect when segas got their fingers in it ,,relic have seriously gone down in my estimations coming out with this silly acheivment based pile
it just dosent feel like your fight and it has the silly xp pop ups all over you no longer have doctorine to choose from just some old pick a heroe crap from the 90 rts games

im sure the [[smelly fish]] are trying to kill my love of the pc

oh well time to dream the new theif will live up to expectations or maybe ill have some annoyinh [tw*t] fight and holding my hand in that too

bongo rating
original trilogy 9/10
since sega killed the servers off(take ur pick with sega they seem to kill allservers off after theyve relaesed agame) and it had to migrate to steam 8/10

edit::the game is absolutly [sh*t] if youve played the original . the updates are a fcking joke ,,in sp mode its blob to win and dosent hold your attention as you dont feel in the action

get eastern front mod for the original wipe the floor with this game and thats free

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