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Re: Porky's Ice Cream

Postby Sky » Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:59 pm

LuMbErJaCk wrote:
Porky wrote:
Sky wrote:
Porky wrote:
DrZux wrote:
Porky wrote:
LuMbErJaCk wrote:The best pork you'll ever taste :D

i got a slimey sausage if ya interested :D

Hmmmm thought about it, was tempted, but alas NO :o

didnt offer you :P your not as sexy as skyhigh :p :flasher:

I know they're both getting on a bit and a bit overweight but it's not too hard to distinguish between LJ & Skyhigh :popcorn:

when im with lj i close my eyes and think about skyhigh...dont you? :D
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