READ ME: Recruitment Template

Post here if you are interested in joining the greatest T-Bagging clan ever (18+ only!!!)
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READ ME: Recruitment Template

Postby UnReaL » Sat May 05, 2007 11:29 pm

If you would like to join the [22ndSAS] Clan please start a new thread in this forum that contains the following information:

You're in-game name :
Age :
Xfire :
Location :
Previous Clans :
Skill level (low/med/high) :
Do you have a microphone & teamspeak?
Are you able to donate to the clan to fund the website/teamspeak/gaming servers?
Why do you want to join [22ndSAS]?
Who do you know in this clan?

Please also read the rules below:

[22ndSAS] Clan Rules
In becomming a member of the [22ndSAS] Clan you are agreeing to abide by the following rules:

In joining or staying with [22ndSAS], you are agreeing to abide by these rules:

1> Bans and Player History
All people caught on our servers with hacks WILL be banned we will also add bans from other respected sources PROVIDED they are accompanied by screenshots with GUID or verified server logs. No Person that has ever been associated with any hack or unfair play (speed config etc.) will ever be allowed to be a member of [22ndSAS] (even with a new guid) although bans will not be continued onto new clean GUID's unless these too are caught with hacks.

2> Clan Etiquette
In Public and privately, Clan members must act responsibly and politely NO FLAMING on servers OR forums (bagging is a polite courtesy to acknowledge a good player). This goes for internal flaming on forums....we dont want to read sort it privately, as we have found out in the past, it is not productive and only causes problems. No racial comments, what may seem funny to you, can also be seen as offenive to others, so keep this amongst your FRIENDS.

3> Member Rights
All full members are equals and with the exception of some admin responsibilties and duties have the same rights and responsibilities. All get server Rcon and have the right to enforce server etiquette with warnings, kicks and bans but must act responsibly and post up any bans with reasons and explanations.

This may be reconsidered and revoked, if over abused, at the descretion of the Server Admins.

4> Hack Testing
Hack testing will not be tolerated. The head server Admin (IceT), because of his duty to devise pb detections, may test on occasion on our LOCKED server ONLY.

Any member will be kicked from the clan and Banned if found testing hacks beyond this limit. Curiousity is not an option!

5> Clan Property
All Clan property (Servers, Forums and TS) is primarily for the use of clan members, Non clan members are guests at the descretion of clan members present at the time. If any member objects to the presence of a non clan person that person must be politely asked to leave the server/channel/ts. Clan members are responsible for their guests.

6> TeamSpeak
Anyone can give TS but only to the NON clan lobby, you are still responsible for your guests. Non clan members can only come into the CLAN section by invitation (meaning any1 Clan members in the TS at the time must be asked if it is ok first!

7> Recruitment
The Recruitment officer deals with membership details and assigns white tags and posts up details in forums. No matter WHO they are they CANNOT go straight to colour tags! We have set an 18+ age limit, although exceptions are made for Mature under 18's.

Vote made on coloured tags after 7-14 days or so (to give everyone a chance to meet/chat). The Trialist must come in TS to meet the rest of clan before this vote is done. We dont care if they are a pwner, they MUST fit in personally!

A vote of any kind, will always be "the majority" wins, most votes will run for 7 days, others longer if over an important issue. It is a big NO NO to recruit on another clans server. If you are on any server other than 22ndSAS and someone approaches you, then take them to our server, or msn them...or direct them to Recruitment!

8> Donations
Clan Donations for website, servers, ts. etc. This is VOLUNTARY, the [22ndSAS] is not a rich clan and do not want to make money from members, but also the more money donated the better/more servers we can have. Donations can be as little or as much you can afford (some have jobs, some havent), but also you get what you pay for, ie. no donations = crappy server!

A £5 per month donation from every member = good server(s).

9> Conflict of Interests
Members cannot be a member of another clan that CLASHES with [22ndSAS] interests, ie. A clan member cannot play COD4 (example) for another clan that competes with the [22ndSAS] COD4. Although we realise there is a RL out there and if a member is going to be away for a while all we ask is that they post up and let us know.

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